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This code may come and go, and can show up on all the TVs in your home, or just on one of them. To reset your coaxial cable, power off your setup box and tv and now remove the coaxial cable from the cable box and TV. Now, replace with the new cable and check the coaxial cable is damaged or have aby cut. Some of my Comcast channels are showing me a message saying " One moment please, this channel should be available shortly, Ref code: S0a00". And no matter how long I wait the channel never comes in. Powercycle/ reboot the TV Box by unplugging the power cord, plugging it back in, and then powering on the device after the time displays on the LCD ( if the box has an LCD display) ; it may take 15- 30 seconds for the box to come up, digital services may take longer to populate than standard channels, and the guide may take 15- 45 minutes to repopulate. EP00 will only be shown on page D01 of the diagnostics page ( press OK 2 times while the box is in standby). The box will display 0 on the leftmost LCD numeral (. Make sure the cable line is connected tightly on the back of your converter box and at the wall outlet. Try unplugging the power cord on the back of the converter for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

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    If you still cannot get a picture, please check System Status. What is the comcast ref code s0a00 Error? Here are two major reasons behind the comcast s0a00 error: A faulty Cable Box. A faulty cable or connection. You want help with reference code s0a00. For best results use key words and ask one question at a time. So, how can I help you today? ref S0a00 on my tv. The Comcast error message ' one moment please ( Ref code: s0a00) ' and pops up straight when you turn on the TV and the Digital Box stops receiving the proper signal. Learn how to reset a Digital Box that is connected to an Expander ( external hard drive) with these tips. If you have an Expander connected to your Digital If you have an Expander connected to your Digital.

    Check for loose F connectors on the coax at the back of the box, the TV outlet and any accessible splitters. Excessive splitting in the home can cause signal issues like this. If there are any splitters that can be removed, that will increase the signal to those TV outlets. Contacted comcast about the ongoing s0a00 code issue told me it was the box and needed replacement I knew that was not the case ( happens randomly) finally decided to check cables. Realized there was a slightly loose cable. Learn what S0A00 on your Comcast TV box means and how to resolve this issue. To be clear, for video issues with the TV signal like what you described above, it is almost always a local signal issue, bad cable, amplifier, splitter or outside the home issue. I have asked a colleague to review your account and reach out to you so that we can get this condition resolved. Comcast Corporation is the largest home Internet service provider and cable company in the United States by its revenue. Apart from this they also provides telephone services to the US- based users. During the two minute wait, please be sure to check behind all TV and cable equipment ( cable box, TV, VCR, DVD, stereo receivers, et cetera) and the coaxial cable at the wall outlet for any loose or damaged connectors. ScienceOnline is a blogging community which provides easy information, news and solutions for complex problems relating to Technology, Computers, Laptops, Smartphone, Android, Gadgets, and almost all products that make your life more easier and better. Manage your account information, make a payment, view your bill and much more. You' re using a browser ( Internet Explorer 9 and below) that we don' t support.

    To get the full Spectrum experience, use a different browser. Supported browsers. De- activate your Cable or HD box Take off the Coaxial cable out of your cable box See whether the Coaxial cable on your wall is tightly fitted, in any other case make an attempt to unscrew the Coaxial cable on your wall and screw it back tightly. S0a00 is a default code most cable boxes use to show a channel is out. It can be caused by several diffrent issues. The best thing to do is call your cable provider and report the channels that are out. Bright House Networks offers Digital TV, High Speed Internet, Home Security and Home Phone that connect your home to entertainment, information and the world around you. Welcome to Service Electric Cablevision - The First Cable Company in the Nation. Proudly Serving the Birdsboro, Hazleton, and Sunbury, Pa areas with Internet, TV, and Phone Service. facing Comcast this channel should be available shortly ref code s0a00, Comcast Ref Code s0a00, Comcast ref code s0a00 activation, Comcast ref code s0a00 cable and the internet out, ref code s0a00 MediaCom, one moment please this channel should be available shortly ref code s0a000″ Mainly this kind of issue occurs because your Digital Box. It means your cable box is not seeing the network. Loose connections will do this, or an unpaid bill where the shut you down remotely or a downed or damaged cable line. If all your self checks fail call the cable company for resolution. The one moment please ( Ref code: s0a00) message will appear on your TV when the Digital Box has stopped receiving the proper signal required in order to display that channel. This can occur either on all channels, or just individual ones.

    What is reference code s0a00 on a Comcast Motorola HD Cable Box? I have Comcast too and I got the same S0a00 reference code a few minutes ago. I don' t know where you are, but I' m in Nashville. Why does it say ‘ One Moment Please’ on some ( or all) of my channels but the channel never comes in? Confirm all coaxial cables connected to the back of the cable box are tight. After 30 seconds, plug the power back into the wall. Wait for the time or channel to show on the cable box display or a picture on screen. Comcast is the most popular cable provider in US. Most of the people uses it and it is popular than any other company in cable. You might be using this, so, you have got this. Comcast is the biggest cable internet service provider in the United States.

    Comcast has a very huge customer base of over 19 million and they also offer internet speeds up to a staggering 105 Mbps. This site is best viewed while logged in. Reset your Digital Box. Seat it on the Coaxial cable connection. Then bypass the Coaxial cable splitter. Do additional testing. To res- seat coaxial cable connection, find the coaxial cable at the back of Digital Box. This is usually a white cable with screw. I don' t know where you are, but I' m in Nashville and we have an outage. Hi, I' m using an HD box Motorola DCT700. I removed all of the cables and plugged it out of the power outlet but later in the day, I plugged back all of the cables but my TV keep showing Ref Code S0a00.

    Your Solution 1 worked. I unplugged the cable box. Plugged it back in. Just like your computer, sometimes your Cable Box needs a quick reboot. Watch and learn how. If you bought cheap cables to go from any point [ or used the ones that came with the TV], go buy nice RG- 6 ones for anything that connects to the cable OUTLET [ if its just from the box to the TV. Your cable box is attempting to authorize a channel. The process should complete and allow the channel to display within a few moments. If that doesn' t happen, contact us for more assistance. Beating Comcast and Cable Fees with the HD HomeRun Prime - Windows Media Center, and Xbox 360 - Duration: 5: 34. TV 1, 528, 024 views