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System programmer response: Take a copy of the old current- plan file, the EQQCXDS file, and the EQQRDDS file, and contact Customer Support. Vital) The Telnet Daemon received a bad completion code from a VTAM operation. This message is issued from a SYNAD or LERAD exit in conjunction with message TEL942E. In the message text, ss is the System Sense byte, mm is the System Sense Modifier, and uuuu is the User Sense data. Translation is from English to selected language, using n. Fluent real- time machine translation service. No guarantees are made about the accuracy of the translated text. Vital) The GPS Daemon identified by iii received a bad completion code from a VTAM operation. This message is issued from a SYNAD exit. In the message text, xxxx indicates the VTAM macro that failed, rr is the recovery action ( return) code in hexadecimal, and ff is the RPL feedback code in hexadecimal. An abend with code abendtype was produced in the program progname at offset xxxxx during a session from terminal termid. ppp represents the program status word at the time of the abend, nnnn is the instruction length code, cccc is the interruption code, and aaaaaaaa is the translation exception address. VTAMINFO TPINFOR401 * * * * Info APAR II11463 is a continuation of this APAR* * * * This information apar was created to contain the changes to the VTAM4. 4 Resource Definition Reference manual SC. Hi, I want to do some little modification to my test system' s default logon screen.

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    Error code vtam

    I mean no big change, for example, the default screen displays ' Z/ OS' in red color and I want. IBM SCUser Manual • Cics messages associated with vtam errors, Default actions of dfhznac • IBM Computers. Code: 86 ( X' 56' ) A match for your application program' s symbolic name is found, but it is for an entry other than an APPL. If you specified this name in the ACB' s APPLID field, verify that you have the correct name and handled this name properly ( see the APPLID operand of the ACB macroinstruction). Cross posted to CICS- L and IBM MAIN. A user drew our attention to bind failures that were occurring to his peoples CICS sessions at his site and we looked and saw a large number of. You are running the CEMT command under REXX in CICS, and want to know what return codes could be returned and the meaning of each return code. Extended File Status, nnn- xx The first character of the File- Status- Key is known as status- key- 1. If status- key- 1 is equal to 9 then status- key- 2 is a one byte, binary value as defined in the following table. The failure of the SIMLOGON returns a VTAM RC 1000. The ACTION that CICS now takes with regard to EHS0 is NOCREATE which places the printer in a REL state. Any further print requests will fail. The Rocket Model 204 Messages Manual documents the messages for Model 204 that can appear on the terminal, in the audit trail, on the operators console, and those that are generated by the teleprocessing interfac es. Application issues OPEN macro to VTAM to open the ACB.

    VTAM fails the OPEN and returns x' 56'. Issue the D NET, ID= application_ name command to display the active CDRSC. Issue a D NET, DIRECTRY, ID= application_ name, SCOPE= NSEARCH command to display all instances of the application name that are found in. lu_ name REQ= request_ code, RTNCD=, vtam_ return_ code SENSE= sense_ code Explanation: Errors are found in a VTAM logical unit. System Action: If the resource is a terminal or an LU 6. 2 connection, the system unbinds the terminal or the LU 6. 2 connection because of unrecoverable errors. A reason code in register 15 explains the error: reason code 4 - The program issued TIMEUSED with LINKAGE= SYSTEM, but the program was not in task control block ( TCB) mode. reason code 8 - The program issued TIMEUSED with LINKAGE= SYSTEM, but the program held one or more locks. of MVS/ Quick- Ref for Windows, but more importantly, how to use the product effectively to make your day- to- day interface with MVS, its components, and MVS- based products from IBM and other software vendors more productive.

    When you get this return code in a production environment, the problem is frequently a transient link failure— which is recoverable. Retrying the Allocate will generally be successful. This Documentation, which includes embedded help systems and electronically distributed materials, ( hereinafter referred to as the “ Documentation” ) is for your informational purposes only and is subject to change or withdrawal by CA at any time. VTAM and TCP/ IP performance problems can degrade the overall performance of an entire z/ OS Sysplex. Storage usage, by VTAM and TCP/ IP, is a ' major player' affecting the z/ System. The z/ OS Mainframe system commands provided here are related to JES2, MVS, DFSMS, TSO/ E, VTAM, VLF, and SDSF. These control the operating system. that VTAM expects the program to want to use VTAM' s support for LU type 6. However, CICS implemented support for LU type 6. 2 using the only VTAM API available at the time CICS introduced the support.

    Prior art keywords vtam virtual machine vm collection appc Prior art dateLegal status ( The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Virtual LAN ID Many customer networks use VLANs to separate traffic for multiple subnets on the same physical LAN. Typical configurations assign the VLAN ID at the switch port, with the connected device/ system unaware of this ( ACCESS mode). International Technical Support Organization z/ OS Diagnostic Data Collection and Analysis August SG. This documentation and related computer software program ( hereinafter referred to as the “ Documentation” ) is for. VTAM Through CA- 7. CICS® messages associated with VTAM® errors. CICS messages associated with VTAM errors; Message Symbolic label. An API transaction has been failing occasionally with MSGDSL884I NIC56000 NIC= ALLOC RC= 56 when using APPC ITC to. So, you are not using TN3270.

    You are using a regular 3270 session. You might want to verify the VTAM definitions for the PU and the LUs being used here. However, I have left in the " VTAM hint" header as an indication that sometimes the " VTAM hint" is just the help you need when VTAM has generated the sense code. In the message text, xxx is the VTAM macro that faile, cc is the code returned by the macro in register 15 ( hexadecimal), and rr is the reason code returned in register 0 ( hexadecimal). System Action: The GPS Daemon will terminate or re- initialize, based upon the RETRY_ COUNT= specification of the DEFINE GPSD command. Activate the VTAM trace ( see the section Activating the VTAM Trace) Perform the activity that you want to trace ( for example, run the transaction that fails) Deactivate the VTAM trace ( see the section Deactivating the VTAM Trace ). And the following tokens containing a VTAM error: 0048. We tried issueing a connect statment after the error, but it fails and requests a static rollback. That doesn' t help as well. Documentation Changes This section outlines major errors in the product' s published documentation. 05/ 02/ 02 ALL UPDATES TO VTAM MANUALS ARE NOW DOCUMENTED IN AN INFORMATION APAR FOR THAT MANUAL. My Code is a F4: The application program is not authorized for SRBEXIT= YES. A request to open an ACB whose corresponding APPL definition statement specifies. IBM SCUser Manual • Background to cics- vtam error handling, Why use a nep to supplement cics default actions • IBM Computers. An Introduction to Distributed Processing with DB2 for z/ OS.