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7 motor that has the 16 tone cam. i need to replace the motor and wondering if the motor with 4. tone cam from 20 dodge dakota and durango will. Have you told all your friends about the excitement here at MyTruckSource. The code P0432 is defined as 2/ 1 Catalyctic Convertor Efficiency. This can be the result of a poorly running engine, an exhaust leak, defective catalyctic convertor, the engine' s computer, or faulty oxygen sensor. Commonly ( 9 times out of 10) the code is set because of a worn catalyctic convertor. P0420 is a diagnostic trouble code ( DTC) for " Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold ( Bank 1) ". This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation. If the last digit is a number other than zero, it corresponds to the cylinder number that is misfiring. This video is to show you where to look first if your code reader informs you that yourDodge Dakota has these codes stored in the pcm. The check engine light is on with code P0442 I' ve done some research and found that its a small vacuum leak somewhere, and i' d like some ideas on where i can look to try and find the problem myself instead of paying a shop like $ 100 just to.

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    show more I have a Dodge Dakota quad cab 4x4 truck. I have an ' 02 dodge dakota that is giving me a code 432. I' ve been told this is an indication of a bad o2 sensor. The problem is there are 4 sensors on my truck. Twice now my Dodge Dakota has generated the P0442 code. The first step in the repair process was replacing the gas cap with a cap from the dealer. Upon displaying the codes, first be sure that the P0420 is the only code present; if not, diagnosis of the other codes is necessary, as they may be causing the P0420 code. The reason for this is that the converter is the end result in the OBD- II diagnostic. Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold ( Bank 2) What does that mean? This diagnostic trouble code ( DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD- II equipped vehicles. MIL came on with code P0432. what does this mean, and what needs to be done to fix it. Thanks - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic. I have a dodge dakota with engine light on.

    Code P1762 says ECM detected the off set voltage was out of spec for more than 3 seconds. That is an explanation of Gov. pressure sensor voltage too h. and newer Dakotas and Durangos have a built- in system that can display check engine light ( CEL) codes without the use of a scanner. 1999 and earlier Dakotas/ Durangos must be read with a scanner, check your local dealership or auto parts store for assistance. I have a Dodge Dakota with a 3. 7 6cylinder engine with 38, 000 miles on it. About 14 months ago I got the same code p0302 saying miss fire on cylinder # 2 the dealer inspected and found nothing and cleared the code. Replacing the oxygen ( O2) sensors may sometimes fix the code, but in most cases the catalytic convert needs to be replaced to fix the problem. If the P0420 code is combined with other codes, try fixing the other codes first. In order to be able to post messages on the DodgeIntrepid.

    Net Forums - Dodge Intrepid, Concorde, 300m and Eagle Vision chat forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Dodge Dakota Forum for Dodge Dakota trucks with an interactive site including Dodge Dakota Forums, Pictures, Links, Message Boards, and Chat Forum. OBD II Generic Check Engine Light Codes. Welcome to our listing page for Generic Check Engine Light Codes. This is an all inclusive list intended to help you get not only a code definition, but also some information on what could cause these codes and what can be done to repair the related faults. P0001 Fuel Volume Regulator Ctrl Circ/ Open. P0002 Fuel Volume Regulator Ctrl Circ Range/ Perf. P0003 Fuel Volume Regulator Ctrl Circ Low. code P0432 on dodge dakota 3. 9 v6 which sensor is it check engine light on and this is the code im getting P0432. - Dodge Dakota Club Cab question. If you still need help regarding the P0432 trouble code, please post your question in our FREE car repair forums. * BlueDriver price subject to change, click the link to find the latest price. The BlueDriver saves you money by allowing you to do your own auto repair diagnosis.

    Welcome to the Dodge Durango Forum! Dodge Durango Forum - Forums and Owners Club! This forum is dedicated to the Dodge Durango and its owners! A code P1684 shows that the memory has been cleared recently and is not necessarily a problem. More instructions and other code lists. We are linking errors to specific help pages as an ongoing project. Welcome to " The Dodge Dakota Forum! " Dodge Truck Forum - Forums and Owners Club! This forum is dedicated to the Dodge Dakota Truck and its owners! Inside the catalytic converter you’ ll find a honeycomb coated with rare- earth metals like Rhodium, cerium, platinum, and palladium. These metals react with oxygen, fuel, oil, to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen released into the atmosphere.

    I have an 02 dakota quad cab, 3. A radiator hose cracked and it overheated while wife drove it. Now, about 2 weeks later, the engine light came on and I got code p- 1740. A Dodge engine light code P0442 indicates that a medium sized leak has been detected in the evaporative emissions system. Code P0455 indicates that a large leak has been detected. So basically the same concern is likely causing both check engine light codes. What Does P0452 Code Mean? OBD- II Code P0452 is defined as a Evaporative Control System Pressure Sensor Low Input The Code P0452 indicates that the Evaporative Pressure Sensor is indicating pressure change values that are below specification, during the EVAP Monitor test and/ or the operation of. Troubleshooting the cause of a P0132 O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage ( Bank 1 Sensor 1) is not hard. In this tutorial, I' m gonna' show you some of the basics you need to know about what DTC P0132 means and a step- by- step test of the upstream oxygen sensor. The trouble code that showed up on the dash was P0152. I couldn' t find anything on here about that trouble code, but I was able to find a Chrysler list of trouble codes on a Chrysler forum. Does anyone know if this list applies to theViper? Tech notes As the code description implies the P0432 code means that the vehicle' s control module has detected that the three- way catalytic converter is not working properly ( is not as efficient as the factory is expecting). P0132 trouble code definition.

    02 Sensor Circuit High Voltage ( Bank 1 Sensor 1) What the P0132 code means. When the P0132 trouble code has been stored by the power control module, it is an indication of a problem with the 02 oxygen sensor. As the code description implies the P0420 code means that the vehicle' s control module has detected that the three- way catalytic converter is not working properly ( is not as efficient as the factory is expecting). Replacing the oxygen ( O2) sensors may sometimes fix the code, but in most cases the. This video shows how to visually check for leaks in the EVAP system on a Dodge Dakota. Check Engine error code po455 - Large Leak in EVAP system. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. " - Sherlock Holmes. This code is for Catalytic converter efficiency. Can show up because of exhaust leak, faulty o2 sensor or catalytic converter is failing. OBD II fault code P0432 is a generic code that is defined as “ Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold - Bank 2”, and is set when the PCM ( Powertrain Control Module) detects that the efficiency of the catalytic converter on Bank 2 has fallen below a minimum allowable level.