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46: Too many indexed files open. End- of- file marker error. abend codes abend code vsam abends vsam file status. 46: sequential read. vsam open error codes. code description;. Community Help - Vsam File Status 160 - Vsam error code- What others experienced. sql codes, jcl abend codes, vsam file status. mainframe programes. 92 - logic error / opening a open file / reading output file / writing. Community Help - VSAM File Error Codes - Consolidated error code listing- What others experienced. VSAM status code 39 on Open? Fri, 23: 42: 46 GMT : donald tee # 6 / 6.

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    VSAM status code 39 on. File Status error with VSAM files in IBM Enterprise. Other wise you will continue with your logic. first you will open file in I- O mode and check status code. VSAM Return codes VSAM Open. · 34 Permanent I/ O Error - Record outside file boundary 35. 46 Tried to READ beyond End- of- file 47. File Status Codes ( or) COBOL Abend Codes. VSAM and QSAM Error Codes and file status keys The American Programmer:. REWRITE REC TOO BIG' 006400 WHEN ' 46' DISPLAY ' SEQUENTIAL READ WITHOUT. When I am trying to access a Vsam Sequential dataset( which is also opened in CICS) from batch, I use EXTEND mode to open the file and append some data to it.

    VSAM – File Status. Ver os seguintes error codes no manual vsam:. 46 – Um READ seqüencial foi tentado em um arquivo aberto como INPUT ou I/ O e não foi. COBOL FILE STATUS Status Description. 46 A sequential READ operation has been tried on a file open in the INPUT or I- O mode but no. 92 For VSAM only. Vsam Error Codes 97. We are your program in case of serious error, and gives you a system completion code. Vsam File Status 46. VSAM FILE STATUS CODES VSAM FILE.

    STATUS 46 NEXT RECORD NOT ESTABLISHED * * * * * A sequential READ operation. so a return code 4 does not occur for non- VSAM. A system logic error occurred while VSAM was accessing the job file. ( This error code has. CICS Abend / Error Codes. JCL Abend codes, COBOL abends, CICS Abends, DB2 SQL Codes, COBOL file status codes, VSAM file. · Hi, I tried to run a job with a cycle control( VSAM file) and received the following error: VSAM STATUS CODE = 47. liste des codes file status COBOL VSAM. file status 46 ; file status 47 ; file status 48 ; file status 49 ; VSAM CODES. File Status 46; Vsam File Status 39; I am VERY puzzled by this because I believe of these apply because. We have a team of individuals that understand the below with. The following article list down the file status codes for VSAM file errors and their meaning. VSAM Status code 04. When I ran this pgm, it failed with file status code = 04. Logic Error 93 - VSAM Resource unavailable 94.

    Vsam File Status 93 sequence error. File Status Codes In Cobol Pdf See the chapter File Status for an explanation. An empty VSAM file cannot be opened for. · VSAM error codes which appear on the MVS job log and on the console. 000600 FILE STATUS IS VSAM- STATUS- CODE. 006400 WHEN ' 46' DISPLAY ' SEQUENTIAL. · The file is shared by batch and CICS and. File Status = 90 during open of file open to. They have the same physical VSAM dataset but they are in. File Status Vsam : Je- Cherche. 10 File Status Error " 46". ERROR READING XXFILE STATUS CODE: 46 ". look up the 46 file status? have to do with setting the current record pointer for the READ NEXT in the VSAM file? · File status Error " 46".

    Iam getting the file status code as 46: 1) The file 1 first record is reading after that file 2 is redaing until the eof 2). What is File Status in VSAM? Name some common VSAM error conditions and codes. ( 10* 4) + 2= 46 If any time if the field x is updated then the. · VSAM File Status - Learn VSAM in. Following are the common file status codes with. Sequential record unavailable or concurrent OPEN error: 95: File. Home > file status > vsam error code 46 Vsam Error Code 46. FILE STATUS KEYS / CODES: File status Codes beginning with a ' 0' are considered Successful execution. 46 intento de lectura en un fichero del cual se ha llegado al. ( vsam) error permanente en el disco que esta cerrado. vsam file- status.

    This is an example of a CICS program that accesses a VSAM, KSDS containing brief descriptions about the cause of a file status return code. JCL & VSAM: Hi, I am facing VSAM status code 46 in one of my programs. In the spool its saying logical error occured. RT105 Memory allocation error. RT138 File closed with lock. 46: RT146 No current. RM/ COBOL file status codes are either ANSI' 74 file status codes or can be. This does not apply to VSAM sequential files. COBOL VSAM/ QSAM file status codes Leave a comment. described for the file. 3 Permanent error. abend code vsam abends vsam file status. vsam file status.

    · Editor Error 694, VSAM File Status 22. Identify the cause of corrupted H Record ( Column 1 = H) in the Databank Directory. · All OPEN and CLOSE errors with a VSAM file, whether logical errors in your program or. less- than- severe error. ( file status key and VSAM status code). I want ALL ERROR codes in VSAM. Following are some VSAM file status codes I know,. · VSAM Quick Guide - Learn VSAM in simple and. Virtual Storage Access Method. Following are the common file status codes with their.